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The Quest of the Phoenix series
By Charleston Shi

Book 2:
Storm of the Kraken

Book 4:
Attack of the Vorns

Book 5:
Rise of the Goblins

Book 6:
Sorrow of Thordon

Book 7:
The Cockatrice's Siege

Book 8:
Revenge of the Golem

Book 9:

Book 10:
Eye of the Cyclopes

Book 11:
The Glory of the Phoenix

Welcome to
Charleston Shi's mythical multiverse

There was a time when the darkness was ready to plunge the world into a great horrific nightmare. When despair seems to prevail, there is one and only hope left in the world. The phoenix must rise and restore what evil has corrupted...

Charleston Shi released 11-book series The Quest of the Phoenix at the age of 13 in 2009. The book series can be found at Amazon and Barnes&Noble. The Quest of the Phoenix ebooks are also available at Amazon Kindle Store.

In recent years, Charleston Shi has been successfully focusing on developing educational, spiritual and entertainment mobile apps. There are over 150 apps available on various platforms. Many apps are among top 100 sellers in various catagories.

Check out Math Learning Series, Bible Study Series, various Language Study Series, Test Prep Series, and Entertainment Series.

Math Series: Grade 1 to 8 Math, Algebra Helper 1 and 2, Geometry Helper, Multiplication, Division, Factorization...

Science: Dynamic Searchable Periodic table,

Social Study: 50 States Map Quiz, Europe Map Quiz, Africa Map Quiz, Asia Map Quiz...

Bible Study: Verse by Verse Bible Study series, Talking Bible series...

Language: Learning Chinese, Learning Vietnamese, Animated Spanish Alphabets, Animated Greek Alphabets...

Entertainment: Halloween Ghost Hunt, Defend the Capital, Balloop Pop Game, How Popular is Your Name, World Flags Game...

Test Prep: AP World History, AP US History, AP Biology, AP Psychology...

Others: Trouble at the zoon, President Match Game, Original Constitution, Phobia Quiz...

Seasonal: Mother's Day Dress-Up, Halloween Math Flashcards...

Interactive Story: The Quest of the Phoenix 1...


Coming soon! Grade 1 to 8 Science Study Series, Grade 1 to 8 Social Study Series, and Grade 1 to 8 English & Language Art Study Series.


News and Projects

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Charleston Shi

-Author of 11-book series, The Quest of the phoenix
-Song Writer
-Public Speaker
-Game Concept Designer