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$14.95 / Perfectbound
ISBN: 9781608443529
180 pages
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Excerpt from the Book


            Deep under the sea, the devil of the deep arises silently and sinks many of the finest ships that carried the most precious treasures and many valuable lives. The Kraken, the bringer of monstrous and mysterious storms, the giant octopus, was a creature that’s too fearsome to be seen by the likes of men. When sailors are dragged down towards the bottom of the sea from its wrath, the last thing they saw would be the chilling eyes of the Kraken.


            But the Kraken attacks are hardly often anymore after the great whale hunt led by the Captain “Old Thunder” Ahab. The Kraken’s main sources of food are the whales. When the whales are scarce, the Krakens grow short on food and slowly they would die off from hunger. Sometimes, I thought about the devilish nature of the Kraken and it often frightens me. If there was anything so heartless in the world for no apparent reason, it would only be the Kraken...

-Persa Eucon