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There was a time when darkness had surrounded and was ready to plunge the world into a great horrific nightmare. When despair seems to prevail, there is one and only hope left in the world. The phoenix must rise and restore what evil has corrupted...

Fourteen year old Tom never knew he was the tenth reincarnation of the phoenix until he met an unlikely companion who had escaped the clutches of darkness. Now, Tom has embarked a treacherous journey to ultimately defeat Nirvana, the evil queen of the darkness. With the successful crush of the first Enivid, Yeti, Tom is more anxious than ever to find the next Enivid...
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About Charleston Shi

This is not a blog. Just some random thoughts and a fan page. (your comments will be included if you go to my contact page and send me your comments.)


There are 5 apps made to top 100 in their own category!

1. The Quest 1 # 37

2. Teach Middle School Math # 44

3. Geometry Helper 1 # 46

4. Algebra Helper 1 # 99

5. 3rd Grade Math # 58


Wonderful starting for 2012. There are 21 apps available on Amazon Appstore. Search for my name for more. 


Great start for 2012. Now I have 5 apps on Amazon app store and Android Market, in addition to my kindle books and regular books on Amazon and Barnes&Noble.

More my apps are released. Check out "Algebra Helper 1", "Math Machine", "Learning Chinese, book 1". You definitely have to try my new interactive app called "The Quest 1", which was based on my book series. 

Very excited to perform in the upcoming Riley Kids foundation fundraising event on Nov. 20. I will perform on piano and sing, along with many children from around the country.

Episode 1 of the interactive adventure story series is entering final stage before it will be on sale at Apple iTune Store. Focus group is starting to test and generating feedbacks. Thanks everyone involved in the project.

Got some rest, then right back onto the interactive adventure stories. Wrapping up the episode 4. Hopefully I can finish "The Phoenix and the Yeti" saga, which are episode 1 to 4, before the first day of my high school sophomore year.

Came back from Myrtle Beach. Really enjoyed the beaches and seafood. Check out my facebook for my catch of the year.

Today I'm finishing up episode 3 of interactive adventure story series. Episode 1 will go to focus group for review and hopefully there are no recommended major changes. I need to speed up my work for the rest of the summer and I really want to wrap up episode 4 before the school resumes.

This week I reviewed book 1, The Phoenix and the Yeti, for ebook publishing on Amazon Kindle Store. 

iPhone/iPad/iPod game "It Begins" Launch Party

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THE FOG SILENTLY CREPT OVER the SS Atlantis as some of the crew members continued working on board. Deep rumblings were heard throughout the waters and there were clouds of foam that rose violently before the sulfur carrier. The ship stopped at the sight as sailors peered overboard to see what it was.
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