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The Quest of the Phoenix series by Charleston Shi

Book 2:
Storm of the Kraken

Book 4:
Attack of the Vorns

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Interactive Adventure Stories

Download "The Quest 1" Now at Android Market and Amazon App Store!

   "The Quest 1", is the first episode of Charleston Shi's interactive adventure story game series. The Quest game series is based on Charleston Shi's 11-book series "The Quest of the Phoenix". "The Quest 1" is available at Amazon App Store and Android Market, and will soon be available at Apple iTunes Store. The Quest is a multi-episode and multi-season series, which would allow readers to actively participate in the story development and would turn an adventure story into a true adventure for all readers. Each and every time, the readers can experience the excitements of different adventures by choosing a different path. Read more 


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If you are interested in testing the apps of my interactive adventure story series and other apps, please use contact page to let me know. If you are my facebook friends, you can also message me.

*Interactive Adventure Story, Episode One.

*Questionnaire for focus group.