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The Quest of the Phoenix series
By Charleston Shi

Book 2:
Storm of the Kraken

Book 4:
Attack of the Vorns

Book 5:
Rise of the Goblins

Book 6:
Sorrow of Thordon

Book 7:
The Cockatrice's Siege

Book 8:
Revenge of the Golem

Book 9:

Book 10:
Eye of the Cyclopes

Book 11:
The Glory of the Phoenix

About Charleston Shi

Charleston Shi released The quest of the Phoenix series at the age of 13 in 2009. Charleston Shi is also an accomplished pianist, composer, singer and public speaker.

His recent effort is to develop interactive adventure story series apps based on his writings, and develop educational apps. 
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There are many app titles currently available on Amazon Appstore and Android Market. Four books are also available on Amazon and Barnes&Noble, as well as Kindle store. 

List of his books on Amazon and Barnes&Noble

Book 1, The Phoenix and the Yeti
Book 2, Storm of the Kraken
book 3, Rage of the Serpents
Book 4, Attack of the Vorns

Apps on Amazon Appstore and Android Market

The Quest 1
Algebra Helper 1
Algebra Helper 1+
Teach Elementary Math
1st Grade Math
2nd Grade Math
3rd Grade Math
4th Grade Math
5th Grade Math
6th Grade Math
Math Machine
Learning Chinese 1
Learning Vietnamese 1

Watch feature story on WRTV, ABC Indianapolis and live interview on Fox59.


Inspirational Speech

Charleston Shi has been giving an inspirational speech titled "We are the Future" at various venues. The speech detailed his personal literature endeavors with moving experiences, emotional growth, light humor, and positive inspiring messages such as take initiative, be persistent and don't let go dreams, be thankful, be responsible for our own future.


Included in the third book of this series "Rage of the Serpents" is a piece of Charleston Shi's piano composition named "Mystic Eyes", which was inspired by a main character in the series. Dr. Berners, Univerisity of Indianapolis, highly praised this composition as "a very intense and dramatic statement with interesting chromaticism and expressive dissonances. The continuesly shifting textures and transforming melodic ideas maintain interest very well." An album containing the recording of "Mystic Eyes" and other compositions will become available soon.


August 22, 2010
3pm - 7pm   
The Hilbert Circle Theater
Charleston Shi will appear at a fund-raising event for For The Youth foundation at Hilbert Circle Theater, the home of Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra (45 monument Circle, Indianapolis, IN 46204)

December 20, 2010   
Noon to 1:00pm
Artsgarden (50 W. Washington Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204)
Charleston Shi will present his vocal and piano concert at Indianapolis Artsgarden. Also, at the concert Charleston will display his books and original bookcover artworks.  After the concert, Charleston Shi will autograph his books. Books are available for purchase at the concert.

Below is a link to the video clips from the concert,

April 14, 2011
5pm to 7pm
Indiana University Purdue University at Indianapolis

Charleston Shi will present his inspirational speech "We are the future", in which he will talk about his literary endeavor. There is a question and answer session right after the speech. The event will be streamed live online. 

July 9th, 2011
1pm to 3pm
Avon Town Hall
Charleston Shi will host his iPhone/iPad game "It Begins" launch party. The game development team and some renowned singers will appear to entertain guests. The event will be streamed live online.